BusyLife™ – Helping you manage your busy personal and professional life

We are all busy. We need tools to help us keep up with real life and make it easier to get things done. This applies to us as individuals and teams in all aspects of our busy lives.

I help people and organizations with tools and techniques to manage busy lives. BusyLife integrates Evernote with Trello, into a visual Workflow to help you accomplish your goals.

The “right” tools are both fun to use and help us get things done and accomplish the right priorities in our life.

Like you, I am busy. Very busy. I need a tool that is with me everywhere I go. I need a tool to help me manage my busy life. BusyLife was created out of this desire. BusyLife brings a visual workflow to Evernote.

BusyLife enables a visual workflow for your Evernote Notes (Trello version shown)

BusyLife enables a visual workflow for your Evernote Notes (Trello version shown)

If you are like me, you love Evernote. I file everything in Evernote. I email to it. I capture web pages to it. I record voice notes from my phone to it. I share Notebooks with co-workers as we collaborate to get projects completed. Evernote is my memory. Evernote is my resource library.

Whether you are an Evernote “Ninja” expert or you are brand new to Evernote, BusyLife can help you bring an action plan for your life with Evernote.

Until BusyLife I had to re-enter notes in a separate tool to create a daily prioritized plan of action.

Until BusyLife, it was a fair amount of work to share information with others. As a result information often got copied to other tools. And then came the “homework” of updating the notes from paper and other tools back with Evernote.

BusyLife was created to keep up with real life. You can enter data as fast as needed in Evernote or Trello and let BusyLife keep it all in sync. (BusyLife sync updates every 1-2 minutes.)

BusyLife is for your personal use. You can manage simple lists. You can manage more complex personal and professional projects. Trello lets you see a lot of information at a glance. You can re-prioritize your to do list on the fly. Just drag and drop things into the order you want in Trello. All the while you are leveraging the power of Evernote, as Evernote can store rich documents, web pages, photos and more. Every note can have as much rich information as you like.

BusyLife is for you and your team. These days we often work as a part of multiple teams.

  • Personal projects with friends and family
  • Work projects
  • Social Causes we support
  • etc.

All of these interactions involve different groups of people in our life. BusyLife makes it fast and easy to set up many collaborative groups. Each group can share the information in Evernote into a visual workflow, customized to you and your project’s needs.

BusyLife is available now in its Beta version release and is being offered at no charge for a limited time. Please try it out and give us your feedback!

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